Holy Land

CLIENT PROJECT. US stage premiere. Presented at HERE Arts Center. Client: Pia Haddad

Hurricane Bianca

CLIENT PROJECT. Hurricane Bianca. Feature Film/In Production. client: Matt Kugelman


CLIENT PROJECT. DC Cap Fringe, NY International Fringe, National School Tour. Client: Lee Kaplan


CLIENT PROJECT. Louisville Film Festival, Ojai Film Festival, Williamsburg Film Festival. Client Jamie Askew


CLIENT PROJECT. Groundbreaking Immersive Theatrical Event. Client: Daniel Adams

I started Leap Workshops in 2007, after realizing there was a true need for classes and workshops focused on teaching artists the skills necessary to create their own work. Producing, as a skill, is certainly taught – but often this instruction is only found at colleges and universities (in both undergraduate and graduate departments), and is not readily available to the artistic community at large, for those who want to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to take their ideas and turn them into finished products.

In my own work as a producer, teacher, and consultant, I take a decidedly holistic approach to production. That is to say, I really work with my clients to approach a project (a play, a movie, a web series, solo show, new production company, etc) as a whole – to understand that the work we do on story will affect the work we do on the budget, that the values we identify for the production will be relevant to the marketing decisions, and so on. Each part of the process matters.

In our work together, you will gain technical skills and hone your writing and/or script analysis skills. You’ll be empowered to study design and color as much as you study budgets. You’ll learn tools to improve your communication and conflict resolution skills. You’ll gain perspective and confidence that will enable you to better overcome setbacks when things don’t go as planned. You’ll learn to think outside of the box and identify hidden opportunities and possibilities for your work.

I hold workshops in New York City, and virtually/over the phone with clients worldwide. Lasting creative partnerships and friendships continue to be formed via these workshops, and I find that a truly gratifying offshoot of the process.

If you’re interested in one of my workshopsone-on-one consulting or hiring me as a speaker, please reach out to us.




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