Client Feedback

Sarah TodesThe night after my first meeting with Molly, I slept through the night for the first time in weeks. My anxiety about the projects I wanted to do, the things I wanted to accomplish, whether it was all too much, and how to prioritize running my business as well as writing, producing and performing in my own projects had gotten to be crippling. I felt paralyzed by constant little decisions about how to spend my time. One-on-one consulting with Molly has already turned things around for me—- and it has only been four weeks. I have concrete goals, and I feel so much more empowered and in control of my time. A big part of the work has been really looking at what exactly is holding me back, and why, as well as what motivates me. Working with Molly has been a surprisingly potent combination of reflection on my creative self on micro and macro levels, and practical skills. Doing this work is one of the best decisions I have made in awhile; rather than feel paralyzed, I am excited about my life again. And excited about the tremendous amount of work I have to do, because it feels infinitely more manageable. Someone asked me “what I do” yesterday. Usually, this question throws me into a tailspin—- I feel self-conscious about any answer, and guilty if, for example, I say I am “an actor” when I haven’t auditioned in months. Yesterday, I answered without hesitation. – Sarah Todes

Jen PlanteCollaborating with Molly has been a game-changer for my creative life.  Before, I felt overwhelmed, lacking time and clarity about how it would all take shape. Projects sat in notebooks for years. I would give up so much sooner. The steps I needed to take remained “difficult”, vague and inconsistent. I now feel prepared and empowered to bring my ideas into the light much quicker and with a higher degree of purpose and clarity. Molly has a rare combination of strengths: she is a creative person who also possesses the analytical\real-world experience to keep the steps to “how” simple and actionable. She is articulate, gracious, funny, warm and supportive. Molly tunes into and faces into underlying issues to help navigate the sometimes subtle, sometimes overwhelming challenges of producing your own work. I feel totally comfortable sharing openly with her about my own vulnerabilities and insecurities as an artist. I didn’t know I needed that when I started this process. I understand now it is the difference between moving forward with purpose and stalling out of fear. Molly empowers me to learn who I am as an artist and to embrace what being an engaged actor\writer\producer demands of me when it comes time to share my work. Our collaboration together continually reminds me to remain authentic, passionate and vocal. I am producing a feature film I wrote. This was unimaginable to me three years ago. My sessions with Molly jump-started the idea phase of this project and propelled me down a pathway toward making that idea a living, breathing reality. – Jennifer Plante

LEE KAPLANBy way of her thoughtful, insightful approach to producing and problem solving, Molly Pearson challenges me to be a better producer, a better actor and a better person. Minutes into my first session with Molly, I knew by the way she spoke and by the way she listened that I was in the right place. Molly’s support for my project and for my ideas came swiftly and powerfully and underscored the importance of seeing my project through to completion. Months later, I can attest that Molly remains just as dedicated (if not more so) now to helping me move forward as she was the day we met. With guidance from Molly, I have experienced an incredible sense of empowerment as I learn to navigate the ups and downs of producing. I am certain that the tools I’ve gained will help me move forward with my current project and with many more to come. I recommend Molly and her classes in the highest regard. – Lee Kaplan

JAMIE ASKEWjpgWhen I came to Molly’s workshop in July/August 2011 I only knew that I wanted more control over my acting career and creative life.  I had no other vision.  I had no script, no story, no idea, no clue.  By February 2012 I was shooting a short film that I wrote, produced and was starring in.  And in November 2012 I premiered my film at the Williamsburg Independent Film Festival.  None of that would have happened without Molly’s clear and concise guidance, unrelenting enthusiasm and total support.  I got there by following the process and using the tools that Molly lays out in her 7 Week Workshop and fine tuned in her Extension Workshops.  I also learned so much by listening to the trials and tribulations of the other producers in the workshops.  Molly always gathers a group of people who are creative, supportive and totally passionate.  After every session I walked away with total confidence in my ability to take the next step.  Was it easy? Never.  Was it totally thrilling, empowering and joyful? YES! – Jamie Askew

MATT KUGELMANWith little more than a screenplay and a dream, I stumbled upon Molly’s Produce Your Own Workshop and I am so grateful! After taking the initial live workshop, and continuing with one-on-one consulting, I am now fully in the trenches of an intense crowd-funding campaign! Molly’s guidance has catapulted my film project into pre-production and has likely saved me years of aimless wandering.  Wherever you are in your creative process, I’ve seen Molly inspire her clients to dream bigger and work harder to turn those dreams into attainable goals.  Molly is full of energy and experience, and knowing that she’s got my back has really helped me in taking the risks that I need to take to make my film come to life! – Matt Kugelman

Adina101-1Molly Pearson is an incredible producing consultant and mentor. She’s also a wonderful person. Molly has helped me produce a new play and a theater festival with my theater company. She is currently working with me to get a new devised theater piece off the ground, and to market my solo show in high schools. She is an inspiration and a guiding light in a business that can be very challenging, overwhelming, and lonely at times. The support she provides self producing artists like myself with is invaluable. I can’t recommend her highly enough. She is the best! – Adina Taubman


LAURA-GOMEZMolly’s workshops provide a tool to canalize our creative energy and give a clear purpose and game plan to follow, which is without a doubt the best way to fight an artist’s worst enemy…”procrastination.” The workshops are like a gym, and Molly is that personal trainer rooting for you and pushing you to do the work.  – Laura Gomez

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 11.50.22 AMThe first thing that Molly teaches you is that your inspiration to create your own work provides the fuel to produce. This workshop was the only place I ever found out how to raise money with integrity and certainty. I had already produced one short film which I financed myself. I wanted to do another short but the prospect of hitting the family coffers for another $4K was just a bad idea. It is a bad idea. Molly has much better ones. I learned about fiscal sponsorship, fund raising, and other technical and logistical aspects of funding my project including resources on the web that work. I learned to be the voice of my project. To be proud of what I was doing and get the financial support I needed without zealous bravado or fake self-deprecation. More than anything I learned a mindset that making a project come to life is in itself creative, exciting and fun. Once you get rolling it sort of nurtures itself as the world embraces you in ways you never thought possible. Now I have a production company, a movie in the can, a network of good folks to work with, and the confidence and knowledge to do it again and again. I sought a sustainable way to bring my films to life and I learned how to realize these imaginings in Molly’s production workshop. I highly recommend it. – Hugh Scully

IMG_5444Molly Pearson is a consummate professional; she knows what to do and does it perfectly!  Her acute observations and insights clear the bramble and weeds from ones path, allowing the work, the REAL work, the guts of the work, the truth of the work to be revealed. Molly’s one on one sessions are organized and crafted to keep one accountable to achieving goals, to work with intention, focus, and a manageable plan.  As a reemerging artist, Molly has resuscitated me. I have taken flight and soared higher than ever before in my professional acting life.  The breadth and strength of my wing span as an artist, as a performer, as a writer, as a professional, and as a first time producer, is because of Molly’s guiding hand. Because of Molly I have written, will perform, and will produce my one woman show this coming year. Molly is graceful; she is caring; she is attentive and unassuming. In a business rife with ignoble players, it is refreshing and rare to find a professional as competent, skilled, and as kind as Molly. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you, Molly, for helping to make my dreams come true! – Hope Salas

PIA HADDADI cannot thank Molly enough. I always wanted to start my own production company but thought I could never do it on my own. A few months later, I launched the company and produced a successful reading series. Molly gives you achievable goals, adapted to your own way of working and is a true problem-solver. Nothing seems impossible. I am so grateful for what the workshops have done for me and am so excited about the future. – Pia Haddad

ADRIENNE ROSE WHITEMolly is the reason I’ve taken control of my creative life. As an actress, I’ve often felt like I didn’t have control over how I was cast or seen.  Because of Molly, I’m in the middle of producing a short film that’s put me in charge of my acting career. In the past, I’ve had great ideas but no follow-through.  I didn’t know how to bring my stories and projects to fruition, and I’d usually get bogged down either because I wanted to make the “right” move next and didn’t know what that was, or I’d be distracted by a shiny new idea, or I’d get frustrated because the project wasn’t where I wanted it to be.  Molly helped me make a plan I could actually see to completion, and kept me on my game in a way the was empowering and encouraging – I didn’t know I was capable of work of that caliber.  Molly didn’t let me settle for less, as an actress or producer, and she is THE reason I’ve found my artistic voice. – Adrienne White

DT SHERIDANThe empowerment that I feel at producing my own work is indescribable. And I wouldn’t have found the courage to do it without Molly’s support. Working with her continues to be an incredible asset as a producer. Her wisdom, insight, knowledge and encouragement is beyond compare. – DT Sheridan

Sarah BurkhalterI have been working with Molly for over a year now and couldn’t be more happy that I found her. I am currently writing a web series that has undergone so many changes in the last year and though it has taken longer than I initially thought, I’m thrilled with how it’s shaping up and know that it will have the potential to open a lot of doors for me as an actor, writer and producer. Molly has been the most important part of this process – she taught me how to give myself permission to create work that I am passionate about and how to empower myself to take my career into my own hands.  Not only is her creative input invaluable to the work I’m creating, she provides support and encouragement that is vital to keeping me on track. She helps set realistic goals and ensures that I have everything I need to meet those goals. And the best part is, she does this every day- produce work, so she knows what it takes on  and she has an incredible understanding of the creative process. It doesn’t hurt that she is incredibly smart and has a knack for asking all of the right questions. Every time Molly asks if I would like to continue in the next session of workshops, no matter what the next few months look like – if I’m too broke or too busy – I always say yes and find a way to make it work because I know that I can’t do any of this without her! – Sarah Burkhalter

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 11.51.17 AMI cannot recommend Molly’s Produce Your Own Work workshop enough. It has been an inspiring experience. It is great to have Molly in your corner and her passion for making dreams a reality is contagious.It’s actually pretty hard to articulate how awesome the sessions actually are! – Lara Silva

KateGreerI have been working successfully with Molly since the summer of 2007. Molly is incredibly motivating and very hands on. She helps shape and define projects and comes up with a realistic plan of action incorporating a workable budget to make it all happen. (Among Molly’s arsenal of super producing skills is her ability to brainstorm some very cool fundraising ideas.) To date I have done 5 live fundraising events and one online marketing campaign. Each gets bigger and better than before. – Kate Greer

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 11.51.02 AMMolly’s guidance helped prepare me to be a first time actor/producer better than any book could. From discussions and advice regarding marketing and detailed analysis of budgets and schedule, to dissecting fundraising letters, to advice on avoiding the easy mistakes, she kept me on track and help me reach a long time goal: bringing my musical to New York. What I appreciated most about Molly was that each client’s project was treated individually and given very specific attention. Molly brings a knowledge that spans the mediums of film, web and stage and, unlike a cookie cutter seminar; she creates a room in which each project receives the specific guidance needed to be successful. – J.T. Arbogast

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 11.50.57 AMBefore studying with Molly, I had no prior experience producing, let alone organizing and leading a new not-for-profit theater company. Thanks to her teaching, I felt comfortable executing a budget, negotiating contracts with venues, running auditions, orchestrating a fundraiser for 200+ at Tavern on the Green, and producing our first show! She knew to combine the logistics of producing with relational aspects, clearly deciphering dynamics between producers and directors, actors, and playwrights; and not only delineated principles of the business, but also an opportunity to exercise the practicalities. All of this was offered with the optimism and inspiration any client would be grateful for. Molly’s role as a teacher/consultant extended further than the workshop, never hesitating to make herself available to her students even after our last session. Needless to say, I have much appreciation for Molly! – Angela Razzano

AlyssaBefore working with Molly, I had no idea where to start. I knew I wanted to make a film, but where did I begin? Molly works with each individual person to make a plan that works best for wherever you are at in the process. You can come in with just a story concept or with a fully completely script. Either way, you are able to make a plan for how to get it done. Molly has so much insight and knowledge in multiple creative mediums, so you are not only learning about film or theatre; you are gaining knowledge of all types of art that can come in handy in the future. What’s even more amazing is how many connections you make from the workshop. Molly guides each person through their individual project but you also become a part of a group of people really passionate about their craft and their creative work. It really is an amazing experience. – Alyssa Renzi

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 11.50.43 AMAfter producing my first full length play last year, I decided I wanted to further explore my prowess and interests in the field of producing, and Molly’s workshop gave me just the tools and (most importantly) the confidence I needed to take on this new venture! Molly is always super helpful, well informed, completely engaged and engaging, and she shares information that you can take with you and apply to anything! I now have a notebook FULL of treasured information that I am revisiting all the time, not to mention a fantastic network of support, and I’m learning to think creatively at every turn in the process. I DEFINITELY recommend this workshop to anyone remotely interested in creating their own work, in pretty much any field! – Derya Derman

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 11.50.36 AMAs an actor I am constantly be bombarded with classes and seminars, self-help gurus, networking events, image consultants and financial planners. I must admit, I’ve tested the waters with many of them. Unfortunately, I have also found out the hard way that they are often simply money-making schemes, old ideas wrapped into shiny new packages or simply a waste of time. Fortunately, the stars aligned and I happened to fall into the hands of Molly Pearson. At the time I was an ‘ideas man’ but without a plan. Molly enthusiastically grabbed my somewhat shapeless idea of a webisode and dramatically helped form it into a completely viable and exciting project. Her experience and knowledge as a producer combined with her no-nonsense approach and personal care turned each session into a not to be missed experience. With each session, I found myself becoming more and more excited and motivated about my project as Molly would toss us gem after gem of imaginative and incredibly practical ideas for our projects. I remember my first grade teacher’s name. I have a favorite college professor. And I’m sure that Molly Pearson will be a name that I’ll hold dearly to me as my career flourishes. – Jeff Berg

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 11.50.29 AMIf you are an artist who wants to produce a project and aren’t sure what to do, you must meet with Molly Pearson. Molly has a no nonsense yet utterly inspiring approach empowering you, the artist. With Molly in your corner, you can accomplish anything you want. The only way you would fail is if you don’t try! I came to Molly with a half baked idea of a web series I wanted to work on but wasn’t sure how to accomplish it. Week by week, Molly broke down what seemed like a huge task into something that was possible. Molly favors ALL the people in her workshop, and makes sure you get the individualized attention you need to bring your project successfully to fruition. – Natalie Kim

Cheryl DaroMolly’s workshop is really a major reason that I am successful in my career today. I’m based in Los Angeles, and it’s clearly very competitive in the acting arena; with so many people here pursuing the same thing, you really have to make yourself noticed in any way you can. With the tools I learned from Molly, I am able to use my creative energy to be proactive in my career as a performing artist and find new way to showcase myself. Molly’s approach to teaching you the steps of producing really instills confidence in not only the production side of your projects, but it also allows your artistic side to have a safe place to create. I really recommend working with Molly for ANYONE who has always had the idea, but didn’t know how to make it a reality. Molly has the heart and smart for helping YOU get that ‘creative itch’ SCRATCHED. – Cheryl Daro

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 11.50.16 AMMolly’s sessions are informative, interesting, and innovative. Her approach is honest, dynamic, and it inspired me to create my own opportunities and even my own company, through which I have garnered confidence and my own long-term employment. Working with her was an invaluable experience and she is wonderful! – Stephanie Faith Scott

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 11.50.10 AMMolly is a diamond in the rough. Molly takes your strengths, weaknesses and various character traits, throws them in a blender and comes up with a smoothie of achievable goals. Whether you are sitting down to pen the first line of your one man show, or six weeks deep into a film production, Molly cracks the whip and helps you clear the clutter in order to reach those set goals. The seeds for my project were originally planted in one of Molly’s workshop, and fully came to fruition in another. I fully accredit Molly’s passion and instinct for what she does as major factor in my idea becoming my reality. – Franklin Abrams

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 11.50.00 AMMolly’s workshop is the best thing that could have happened to my creative, but shy, instinct. It helped me realize, very simply and quickly, that it IS possible. That producing my own work, putting my own ideas into being is absolutely possible. Whatever seemed huge, impossible, only-other-talented-people-can-do-it type of thing, became “oh! I can do that!”. I find Molly’s biggest strength to be in her subtle ability to point out where your focus needs to be in that moment in time, for your specific goal, and what you should work on to keep it moving; giving her opinion without ever implanting her own subjective taste about what your project should be. She will help you define it, but it’s yours from beginning to end. The confidence and skills I’ve developed working with Molly have even changed the way I audition, and the way people regard me as an actor. – Jen Tchiakpe

IMG_9_481Molly’s workshops are packed full of information and she organizes it in manageable sections. She assigns homework and specific tasks tailored to your individual project’s status and needs. You always feel like you’re moving forward and that she’s in your corner while keeping you accountable! I love her ability to focus seriously on the matter at hand, and as a bonus – she’s funny, approachable and really cares about your success! If you are committed to getting your project off the ground, run to her NOW! – Kimberly Dillon

Adam-Laupus-11Molly’s workshop came highly recommended to me but I delayed signing up because I was skeptical about my ability to produce my own ideas. I am happy that I proved myself wrong! In one session with Molly, a tiny idea became a full-fledged short film project currently in production. Molly is a practical, inspirational and endlessly helpful mentor. I feel my course as an artist has taken a major turn, leading to more creative and artistic fulfillment. I cannot praise this workshop enough… sign up now before you talk yourself out of it! Breathe life into your ideas! – Adam Laupus