The Workshops


If it is true that “work begets work”, and that the best way to learn is by doing – then every artist (actor, director, writer) should be actively creating their own work. Ideally, as artists, you should be actively taking your careers into your own hands and bringing work to the stage or to the screen that not only showcases your talents, but that deeps collaborations, builds new networks, and that challenges and pushes you as artists. That said? It’s hard. It is hard to know where to start, how to manage your time, how to find collaborators, locations, pr agents, distributors, etc … and then there’s fundraising. But the reality is that once you learn these skills, you will always be capable of creating work for yourself and your peers. Should you want to be, you will always be working. This 10 week workshop meets virtually, once a week (via a video conferencing program), with 4 clients max, and we break down the process of going from idea to finished product. You can start with a script, or, with an idea for a script. (Or, with an idea for an idea for a script.) The workshop is kept small so that there is plenty of time for individual work each session, as well as a round of notes and edits in between our meetings. Payment plans available for all clients. Workshop meets online Tuesday mornings from 10-12:30 EST. Starts on 10/10. Makeup sessions available. Email us here  to set up a call for more details and to discuss if the workshop is right for you.


The goal of the workshop:

Extension workshops run in 12 week terms, and are usually offered on a rolling basis. These workshops are for returning clients only. Clients may continue with an Extension workshop immediately following their participation in the Core workshops, or they might be returning with a new project after some time away. These workshops function as weekly production meetings – there are no lecture topics planned for each week, rather, each producer and each project get a specific amount of time devoted to them each week and we workshop whatever it is that is pressing. These Extesnion workshops prove invaluable for most clients, and have become an integral aspect of Leap Workshops. 

Who attends? Class size is limited to 6 participants per session.  This is for returning clients only. 

The details – when, where, how much, etc: Extension Workshops meet for 12 sessions of 2.5 hours each, with sessions held once a week. Workshops are held live, in New York City,  and a Virtual Extension Workshop also meets over the phone once a week, in a group call setting. 

The Extension Workshop costs $780. Payment plans are made available for every client.

Current and former clients who are interested in Extension Workshops can email to find out when the next sessions will take place.