About the Workshops:

These workshops are the heart and soul of the work that I do as a consultant and teacher.

I work in small group settings with individuals like you - artists who want to create their own work in order to hone their craft, create professional opportunities, monetize their work, deepen their relationships with other artists, expand their role in the industry, etc. 

Over the course of 10 sessions, spread out over 10 weeks, you will receive a series of audio lectures (by me) that cover topics ranging from script development, building your creative team, building a budget, deciding what kind of funding model you should use, drafting fundraising language and making successful crowd funding videos, how to work with unions and draft agreements, the ins and outs of marketing on a smaller budget, how to create a social media strategy, hiring a PR rep, the festival submission process, what to look for when renting a venue … and more. These audio lectures will be in a password protected area that you will have access to permanently, and that you can refer to after the workshop. 

Each week, we will work closely in a “round table” fashion, making sure that each project gets 30 minutes of exclusive attention. We’ll go over the lecture topics, answering questions and discussing case studies and examples that I will send your way, but then in those 30 minute increments I will meet you and your individual projects exactly where you are, and we will work together on what you’re dealing with/focusing on/struggling with that week. I.e., there may be a short film that someone is working on figuring out a fundraising plan for, and there may be someone who has an idea for a solo show but is stuck on concept, and someone else might be struggling with their creative partner on their web series, and we need to dig into solutions for that relationship. Every project and every producer is different, with specific needs, obstacles, challenges, goals, etc.

I do NOT adhere to a “one size fits all” approach to my work with my clients. 

Weekly, in between sessions you may email me drafts of your work, or questions or frustrations that you are having, and I will work with you on one pass of notes/responses. I keep my client list small so that I can be available to you in between sessions. You will also be added to a LEAP client email listserv with other likeminded artists who will support and champion you along the way as well. 

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Am I a good candidate for the workshops?

My workshops are as designed for artists who are stuck as they are for artists who are very inspired by a specific project that they want to work on. Whether you start with a first draft of a screenplay, or you are literally just giving yourself permission to think about directing for the first time, or starting a theater company, or making a web series to star in … you’ll be in good company, and in the right place. You do not need to have any experience producing. You can be a constantly working artist or someone who is returning to the field. You can be 21 or 95. All are welcome, and what we accomplish over the course of the ten weeks together will be dictated by what your individual goals are (something we will work out together in week 1).

How do I know if this is the right time to sign up?

In my experience, there’s never a “right” time to take a big leap and start a new undertaking. I work closely with my clients to create schedules and gameplans that take into account your current work and calendar obligations. Art is not made in a vacuum and together we will create and implement strategies that allow you to lean in to your work rather than feeling there’s just not time to tackle it.

What happens after the workshop - can we keep working together?

After the 12 week period, 95% of my clients stay on and continue to work with me in my "Extension Workshops", which provide accountability, community and guidance throughout the production process.

In my workshops, clients have developed award winning feature films, short films, solo shows, web series, plays, musicals, theater festivals and production companies.



8 Mondays. 7/15 - 9/12. 12:30-2:30 EST

For pricing, makeup policy, more details on the workshop - please click "Take The Workshop" button, and we will schedule a 20 minute phone consultation to make sure the workshop is right for you