You have an idea.

There is a story that you want to tell.
A vision that you want to realize.


But how do you get started?
And what do you do when you get stuck?

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As a Production Consultant, Lecturer and Speaker, I’ve spent the last twelve years empowering, teaching and guiding artists from across the globe, helping them make their own work.

Whether you currently have an "idea of an idea" or a draft of a script you've been working on for five years - you can start this process from right where you are. Together, we’ll create a plan for your work, equip you with information and tools that were not previously available to you, build an accountability system that will keep you going, and work to troubleshoot issues as they come up. I find my work as a consultant and teacher to be deeply satisfying, and I am truly honored that each my clients put their trust in me to help them bring their projects to life. If you're ready to get started - let me know!